How much flexibility is there in scheduling?

Actually, there’s tremendous flexibility. Since each tutor only works with a few students each, he/she can meet the needs of their students relatively easily. Most tutors offer at least one weekend day (and/or evening), and most can relate to the students’ needs to schedule extracurricular activities as well. This is something to bring up in your initial meeting with the tutor.

How many hours must we purchase?

There is no hard and fast number; we design each program individually based on your goals and needs.

How does payment work?

Your initial welcome letter will include methods to submit payment, either by funds transfer from your bank to ours, or by cheque. Payments must be received before tutoring can begin. We’ll let you know when your hours are running low.

What if my son/daughter doesn’t connect well with the tutor?

Well, that would be unusual, but we’d certainly try to connect him/her with another suitable tutor. If all else fails, we’d gladly refund any unused monies.

Do you guarantee a certain score improvement?

No, unfortunately – I don’t think anyone can do that.

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